woman in bathroom holding plunger
woman in bathroom holding plunger

Fight the Gunk Clogging Your Bathroom Drains

Hair, dirt, soap and grime...oh my! They’re constantly running down your bathroom drains and gunking them up. But where exactly is the gunk? Follow these steps to make finding the gunk—and fighting it—easy!

1. Scour the scum

If water backs up quickly every time the drain is used, the gunk may be close to the drain opening. First, remove the drain stopper and clean it off. Hair and soap scum can accumulate on the stopper and affect the water flow.

cleaning bathtub drain with sponge

2. Go on a hair hunt

Next, look down the drain for hair. If you see some, use your finger to pull up as much as you can (you can wear rubber gloves if you prefer). You can also use needle-nose pliers, tweezers or a bent wire hanger to help remove hair.

3. Plunge like a pro

Still not draining? Try using a toilet plunger to help unclog the drain. Put enough water in the bathtub or sink to cover the bottom of the plunger, put the plunger over the drain, and push down and up a few times. If necessary, block the overflow outlet with a rag to help with suction.

plunger in clogged tub

4. Clear that clog

Still clogged? OK, it’s time to pour Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover straight over the drain (even if there’s standing water) and dissolve the remaining hair and gunk—and boom! In minutes, success is yours!

pouring clog remover down drain