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5 Smart Ways to Prevent Hair Clogs in the Shower

Let’s face it. Your hair can cause some pretty hairy problems (see what we did there?). So what can you do to stop shower clogs in the first place? Well, rather than deciding that bald is your new “look,” here are 5 great ways to prevent hairballs from being your downfall.

  1. Brush your hair before showering or bathing. This removes loose hairs that would otherwise end up in your drain.

  2. If a few stray hairs (or—yikes!—a handful) come loose while shampooing, place them on the edge of the tub to dispose of them later, instead of letting them wash down the drain.

  3. Here’s a recycling idea! Place a used fabric softener sheet over the drain. The hair will stick to the sheet. When done, toss the sheet in the garbage.

  1. Use a steel mesh cup (it looks like a tiny kitchen strainer) in your shower. If you shed a lot of hair, you may have to clean it out during your shower, but that’s way better than getting a clog!

  1. Clogs happen. It’s how you handle them that counts. Keeping Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover at strategic locations in your home is the best defence against a hairy offence. It pours through standing water to break up clogs in minutes. No plumber necessary.

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